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Branch of Akrimmon

This staff? It's the Branch of Akrimmon. The Tree gifted it to me.
Vinior, High Druid

The Branch of Akrimmon is the staff of the High Druid of the Circle of Mynelion. It follows the position, not the person, though since there haven't been any other High Druids than Vinior it has never belonged to anyone else.

Surprisingly Mundane

Measuring about one and a half meter in height, the staff is surprisingly plain for such an important item. One would think that the staff of the High Druid would be magical, but there's no trace of magical energy in the staff. Some have suggested decorating it with some carvings or trinkets, but Vinior just discard the idea and says the staff should stay in the form it had when it was given to him.

A Gift from the Tree

It wasn't long after the Circle of Mynelion was established. Vinior was meditating by the Tree, Akrimmon. A branch fell to the ground with a heavy thud, almost uncomfortably close to where he sat. He reached for the branch and felt a wave of generosity from the Tree, as it wanted to tell him that it was a gift. Vinior gladly picked up this gifted relic from the most holy tree of the druids. The Tree seemed pleased.

Or so Vinior himself says. He's never seen without the Branch close by. If it is as old as Vinior claims, it's about two thousand years old. How this wooden staff hasn't rotted by now is a mystery. Yet, Akrimmon is a very special tree, and it is still standing. Maybe some of the divine power of the Tree prevents the staff from decaying.

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15 Jul, 2019 04:47

Hello, I like holy trees, I like branches, and I really like this article! (it's the feedback wizard, by the way)   First thing that comes to mind about this article is the art at the very top. Some would say that the art is very simple, and it doesn't add to the article. They're wrong! The whole point of the Branch, I'm gathering, is that it's just a focus with no additional power. It's not some ornate relic from a long-lost civilization with crazy abilities; it's just a stick that Vinior uses to channel his druidic prowess. The art and the simple feel of the article reflect that really well.   The really simple quote made me laugh a little, not going to lie. Very quick to the point, those druids XD   I do have a question for you, though. If Vinior was to pass on, for whatever reason, who would get the Branch? Would it pass to an acolyte or would it be buried with him? Would it be returned to Akrimmon? (now there's an idea!)   Okay, another comment on Vulborim and I'll leaf you alone for a while ;)