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The Sunsword


No one really has any idea where the Sunsword originated or why Thundarr is attuned to it, but it is a weapon of considerable power.   Thundarr wields it like a one or two-handed blade, and it cuts metal, wood easily. Rock and water-based creatures are more resistant to its effects.   Wizards describe that certain constructs conjured by High Wizards can withstand the disruptive energy of the Sunsword, but only skilled ones have had success.   Almost all energy blasts are easily reflected and sometimes they are reflected back at the caster! Hand casters can suffer a feedback effect if the Sunsword interrupts the energy field between the hands.   It is rumored that Thundarr almost lost his fabled blade when an ionized storm struck the blade itself. Its potency was significantly diminished until he found a means to refuel its power core.   Yondo the Magician crossed swords with the Barbarian and temporarily gained control of it. Yando is a person of interest in the Council of Wizards eyes.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Wizards and their intellectual peers surmise the blade was from the cosmic ship wreckage. It may have been a re-engineered or an experimental weapon on board or an incredible fusion of sorcery with a powerful source of power such as from the interstellar ship engine core inside the hilt.


The weapon and its current wielder are game-changers. There is someone who can fight back and overcome the mighty Wizards and the powers they wield. Hope has been ignited and as long as that blade fires up in his hand we will not back down anymore!

Ariel: This poor village was once called Beverly Hills, Thundarr. It was one of the wealthiest cities in the world.   "What of it? It's the wizard and my Sunsword that matter now."
— Thundarr

It is extremely rare - no one has seen the likes of it or created a similar weapon.

For all intents, this weapon can be treated like a Plasma Sword, blue star quality. It is bound to the wielder who recharges the blade and no one else can operate it.

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