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Stormwind Tusk

A Stormwind Tusk is a relic spontaneously manifested by an exceptionally devout worshipper of The Unchained Storm. These tusks are created out of a natural material, but are usually of a somewhat protean nature; one may be made of solidified fire, while another might be a construct of dead leaves and mud. No matter their construction, they take the form of a great tusk perfectly sized to be used as a dagger by whomever manifested it.   These items grant a variety of powers, with the exact nature depending on the individual in question. A Stormwind Tusks wielded by a sea captian who worships the chaos of the waves may be granted the ability to ignore the effects of storms for a time. A revolutionary politician who years for peaceful change may find that his Stormwind Tusk allows him to peer past the chaos of a person's thoughts and perfectly read their body language. A barbarian at the edge of civilisation who desires naught but violence may find that they are able to destroy any structure as they instinctively know its weak points.   Stormwind Tusks disappear as spontaneously as they appear, though some notable individuals have possessed examples that have lasted many years. Harla Chainbreaker, a notable devotee of the Unchained Storm, was said to possess a Stormwind Tusk on multiple occasions. She is the most recent wielder of these artifacts, though it is entirely possible that more have come into and subsequently out of the world in the intervening years.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Stormwind Tusks are created from the bearer's will finding a secret order in the chaos of the universe, and then bending that chaos to their will.


Religious and personal
Item type
Very rare, only the most devout individuals even have the chance of encountering one.
1-5 kg
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
No two Stormwind Tusks are the same, but they are always made from naturally-occurring material that is bent into shape by the willpower of the bearer, whether they understand how they did it or not.

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