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Portrait of Eorlinas Gwen, first duke of Mirdrinda

— by Slodius Rex

  The famous "Portrait of the first duke on a summer ev'ning overlooking Mirdrinda c. 325, Second Age" stands testament to a society's longevity and need to cling to its roots. This depiction of the first duke of Mirdrinda, back when Lochish was a mere vassal state to the greater Rerish empire, signifies to the Lochesian and Lochney peoples that triumph is always viable. His triumphant visage grants onlookers the same triumph in their bleakest of hours. During the Siege of Mirdrinda in the Age of Reckoning at the hands of Jour the Lich-king, the Seventh Duke Feleimar the Beautiful gazed upon his face and in a moment saw the gods peering down at her, granting her succor. She drove back the undead and Jour was never to set foot in Lochish again.   It depicts a fair skinned man in gray, glistening plate and mail from his waist up. He stands in the window as the sun sets over the plains. His hand is on his the hilt of his naked greatsword. Another hand grabs for his green and iron brooch that attaches his navy cloak to his armor. His hair is tawny and loose, his ears peaking out of them regally. He was a general in his time, unrivaled, and the scars of warfare are hinted at in the crow's feet around his eyes. His piercing green eyes gaze fiercely. He looks to the right and his clean, firm jaw is tight as if reckoning the casualties of victory and pressing forward to a greater goal than this one. His shoulders are thrown back, but it can easily be seen he still carries a burden. The fact he was painted by an unknown artist is key to scholars who theorize the name was kept secret to make the Lochesian people feel, as if for a second, that the gods themselves painted him, or perhaps they are still painting him.   It has come under some criticism with detracting saying it is not actually Eorlinas, that it was some lieutenant under him. Even still others detract further that Eorlinas was merely a fighting force or a myth entirely. His depiction apart from this painting as not consistent which gives rise to the idea that Eorlinas Gwen was just a collective name, nothing more to it than that.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The foot of thickness has various things hidden inside. A magical lock seals it.

Manufacturing process

The wood was hewn specifically for this purpose, and since the artist painted directly onto the wood, no other materials were used.


Depiction of the first duke of Mirdrinda, Eorlinas Gwen. It symbolizes Lochesian coming to power thousands of years ago.
Item type
Current Location
Related ethnicities
~ 375 lbs.
15' x 20' x 1'
Base Price
1,000,000 platinum pieces
Raw materials & Components
Gallons of paint comprise the depiction. The frame and backing are Lochesian ebony, now extinct.
Ornate woodworking decorates the frame in the Lochesian design of knotted rope. It has come to scholastic knowledge that universal solvent was used as adhesive for the frame and decorations.


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