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The Eye of Control

A powerful artifact that is held by the Speaker, Farnora, of the Scion's Circle. The eye is a bright blue clear orb, with the It is part of a three piece set called Renballa. It contains 1/2 of Dantus's original power in the form of mental and leadership strength.


During The War of Despair, Dantus was an incredibly powerful Scion bent on changing the world. However, the Circle disagreed with his ideology and methods and fought against his efforts. In a decisive battle, the scions seperated his power from his body by force his magic into his eyes, blinding him. This gave Riss the chance to strike the weakened creature and ending his reign of terror. The eyes were collected,one was given to Riss and the other was kept by the Circle. From then on the two eyes have never bee reunited.   The Eye of Control's location has been lost to all but the Speaker, but has resurfaced a few times within history. It times of dire crisis, its said the Speaker uses it to rally and bring people together. During the invasion of the frost giants, this was a key tool to ensure that Fairley didn't fall to them. Another time it was used to broker the treaty between the Naganais and elves during the early years. The only other time was when The Academy was founded during the Crisis of 3398. Now it kept hidden from view again and hopefully will never have to be used again.
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