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The Last Stone of Valentina Vincent

Though it remains unclear what happened to Valentina Vincent, I do not believe this gem could have been used for Incorporeal magic, as the murkiness would interfere with any known wind spells.   --Report by an Incorporeal on the stone of Valentina Vincent
  The stone of Valentina Vincent, also sometimes called the last stone of Valentina Vincent is a translucent, golden-brown gem with smoky swirls in its depths. It is said that Valentina Vincent, an adept Incorporeal used it to turn herself into wind, and never returned to it. It has become a controversial treasure in the Incorporeal community.


In 1628, Valentina Vincent's sister came to visit her to find that Valentina had disappeared, leaving behind a murky brown stone on her table. With no sign of what had happened to Valentina, friends assumed that she had used the stone for an incorporeal spell, and as the stone was still in tact, the spell was still active, and she would soon return to it in order to reverse the spell and take her bodily form again. But after several hours, the longest any Incorporeal spell has lasted, they started to wonder about what had actually happened. Some felt that the spell had somehow failed and Valentina had been ripped apart by the wind. Others believed that Valentina had somehow managed to find a way to extend her Incorporeal time and insisted she would still return to the stone. The stone was protected and cared for, to ensure that when she had to return to it, she could. But Valentina was eventually declared dead and her possessions passed on.   Years passed. Arguments continued to rage over the stone. Some made arguments that the stone could not have been used for Incorporeal magic, and therefore something else had clearly happened to Valentina, though no one knew. Others insisted, even after decades had gone by, that the  stone still contained the stone of Valentina Vincent, who would one day return to it. Among this faction, the stone became a sought after treasure which people stole and even killed for, until one day the stone disappeared entirely. It resurfaced in the hands of a Scavenger a few years ago. That's how I got it. And then I discovered some small etchings on the side. See these? These are not the marks of Incorporeal magic, but Mechanical magic. It seems that Valentina Vincent practiced more than one variety of magic. But until someone can unlock her password, we will never know what the stone actually contains. And exactly what happened to her remains a mystery.
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Unique Artifact

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