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Six Rings of Blerda

The Rings of Blerda have been given many names over the years. Blerda created them, though originally it was just 5, the elemental rings of air, fire, water, earth, and magic. During the Demon Wars, she created the 6th, the ring of life.

At the creation of the original 5 rings, there was Blerda, Great Wyrm Gold Dragon, Great Wyrm Silver Dragon, Mature Adult Adamantite Dragon, One Human, One High Elf, One Dwarf, One Gnome, One Halfling, and One Aquatic Elf. The dragons gave their life force in sacrifice to the creation. Each mortal present was gifted a ring by Blerda after their forging was complete.

The 6 Rings of Drakken give the owner immortality for 400 years. They may not take it off ever after they put it on until the 400 years is complete. (The only way to remove a ring early is to cut off the finger after the wearer is at -8hp or below). The wearer will suffer damage like normal but they will never drop below –8. The wearer also has a rapid heal rate of x5 the wearers normal. Each ring gives its own bonuses also. See below. At special times of the year the rings will not work properly. During this time the rings are recharging. The wearer is sometimes aware of this and will not even use the ring during this time period. The time is the entire month of December. (Magic malfunction is left to the DM).

If the wearer sustains damage that would normally place him/her at -9 or less the ring will sustain the wearer’s body with magic until it gains sufficient blood to operate on its own. During this time the ring’s abilities will act as they would in December. The blood will come back at a rate of 2 HP per week so even though the character is at -8 he/ she needs to know how far negative they went to get this time. A heal check is still required to stop the bleeding.

The myths of the rings say different things as to what will happen if you put on more than one ring. One says that if you put on all the rings you will have supreme power and may never be killed, like a god. Another says that you may put on all but the Ring of Life at the same time or be killed instantly. Another says that you may never put on the Ring of Life and the Ring of Magic at the same time or you will be destroyed and never raised.

Ring of Air

  • (gnomes) Clear and Gold
  • Currently owned by: Gnoric, Locked in the top of Crystal Mt.
  • The Ring of Air grants the owner a +5 bonus to Wisdom.
  • Wearer also has the ability to Ethereal Jaunt and cast wall of force at will.
  • The wearer may summon and charm an unseen servant, invisible stalker, wind walkers or any other air-born creatures. DC 60
  • The wearer can freeze, unfreeze, levitate, or “use the force” to push things of an unlimited weight. The area is up to the wearer, max of 2 mi. radius.

Ring of Earth

  • (dwarves) Solid Gold
  • Currently owned by: King of the Dwarven Hills
  • The Ring of Earth grants the owner a +5 bonus to Strength.
  • Wearer also has the ability to earthen walk and cast earthen wall at will.
  • The wearer may summon and charm any earth-based creature. DC 60
  • The wearer is also able to mold houses and caves of the earth.

Ring of Fire

  • (halflings) Reddish Gold
  • Currently owned by: a red dragon in the Lands of Fire (not worn)
  • The Ring of Fire grants the owner a +5 bonus to Dexterity.
  • Wearer also has the ability to fire walk and cast fire wall at will.
  • The wearer may summon and charm any fire-based creature. DC 60
  • The wearer can light a fire anywhere, no matter how wet, cold, windy, etc.

Ring of Water

  • (sea elves) Bluish Gold
  • Currently owned by: A lizardfolk warrior in the Swamp of Vanishing.
  • The Ring of Water grants the owner a +5 bonus to Constitution.
  • Wearer also has the ability to cast water breathing/ water walk and water wall at will.
  • The wearer may summon, speak with, and charm any sea creature. DC 60
  • The wearer may create rain if the land needs it and can make it stop raining if there has been too much rain in the area. The area is 6 square miles.

Ring of Magic

  • (high elves) Black
  • Currently owned by: High mage of the Tower School of The Arcane
  • The Ring of Magic grants the owner a +5 to Intelligence.
  • Wearer also has the ability to cast as a wizard of equal level. The ring knows all spells. (The wearer may right any spell name on a paper and then the rings magic will right the rest.) The Wearer may cast spells in any armor. The ring negates the spell failure chance.
  • All spells that a wizard has or can cast are now innate spells but at a normal level. Unlike the other rings, this ring has no wrong time of the year to use. It replenishes itself every time a spell is cast while wearing it. You cannot invoke a new spell a # of rounds = to spell level after a spell is cast. (The spell level is the spell just cast)

Ring of Life

  • (humans) Red Gold Blue Clear Black
  • Currently owned by: King Burhmann of Cardon
  • The Ring of Life grants the owner a +5 bonus to Charisma.
  • A 50’ radius Truth spell also always surrounds the Wearer. DC 60
  • The wearer may summon, charm, and speak with any inhabitant of this world. DC 60 (Even Elves and other races immune to charm)
  • The wearer can heal anyone he/she can see clearly and is able to wound anyone he/she is able to see that has ever suffered a wound in their life (the ring reopens past wounds). Healing or Damage is unlimited. (Wearer chooses the amount. The wearer does not have to touch to use this ability. This ability can not kill someone with a Ring of Drakken on).
Each of the 6 is unique
Adjust to the wearer

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