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12 prophetic runes

The prophecy of Saeli Aldareen

Mechanics & Inner Workings

When a sentient beign touch one rune, a prophetic vision appears in its mind.
The set of 12 runes are in a lether pouch, always one rune leave the pouch first, and the prophecy it brings to the mind is this: "When the desert frozen. The young one, the innate one, will bring back all that was lost and will bring to their knees those who destroy it." Then a minatour and a dwarf in their knees finish the visiĆ³n.

Not all the runes activates the same way, some left the bag at random some don't appears to be magic at all.

The other two prophetic visions are:

Second rune: "An the portals will open, the ancient decents of the creators will arrive, but shadows will awake." The vision ends with your own shadow attacking you.

Sometimes the 4th or the 6th rune: "Sorrow, frustration, sadness then anger, hate and the dead will arrise" The vision ends with a foul smell. Almost all the ones having this vision throw up

Recently the first rune prophecy fullfill: Some days ago the Black Desert froze since then the first rune floats, has light and it burns.

Manufacturing process

The required process is a long lost knowledeg named magic forge. Even with this knowledge requieres certain expertise and a lot of magical energy to make this item. Is the only magical artifact in all the Daimon history.


Historic. World changer. Artifact of great power.
12 prophetic runes cover
Item type
Unique Artifact
3 g each
1 x 1.5 x .8 cm each
Raw materials & Components
12 runes made of black onix.
  • Black onix
  • Stone cutting tools
  • Engraving tools
  • Golden ink
  • Forge magic

A very special kind of circumstances and a raw extremly powerful magic was needed to create this unique artifact.


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