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Saeli Aldareen

Magicforge master Aldareen (a.k.a. The Wich)

Physical Description

Body Features

Gray toned

Facial Features

A triangular face and a narrow nose.

Identifying Characteristics

Three nose piercings

Special abilities

Magic studies. Strategyst. Seer. Magic Forger.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Saeli was the last of the magicforgers that exist in Daimon

She try to star away from the war between the races: Elves and giants vs Dwarfs and Minotaurs.

She knew from since she was only a child the war, eventually, will be lost; not because her divination power insted by common sense thas she has a lot: Elves and giants two ancient and proud races, powerful, magic wilders, but stubborn and single minded. Each one look for their own interest.On the other hand the strenght and resilence of both minotaurs and dwarfs and their strategy agains a common enemy: Non divine magic.

She also knew how to survive, at least for a long time, before she and her family lost the war. Unfair advantage she has because, sometimes she can see the future, thats the reason they live so long in a time of a lost war.

But the war was not the worst thing, the hunting, the extermination after the large cities, the vast communities fell and the giants left to the edge of the world. That was a nightmare, then the visiĆ³n started, not like the ones she experience her entire life, this was different, this was every night for twelve days. At the end, she star to craft the 12 prophetic runes.




Well versed in elven literacy and magic.

Studied with a master the art of magic forge


  • Story and fortune teller.
  • Apprentice: Magic and Magicforge.
  • Owner of a magic store.
  • Councilor and advisor
  • Diplomat
  • Stategist of war
  • Beggar, survivor.

Accomplishments & Achievements

She was a councilor, diplomat and stategist of war in the two fours war: 4 races 4 hundread years. She has a lot of wins but the war was lost at the end.

She create the 12 prophetic runes a powerful artifct set that only recently has come to live. She will set the course of action of a lot of individuals in the world.

Failures & Embarrassments

The lost of the war. The futile sacrifice she does to trie to save her family.

Mental Trauma

She saw the death of his mentor, his friend and a lot of magic apprentices. Saw the tower of magic in flames and minutaurs and dwarfs killing and destroying all elf magic and culture. She saw, before this happend. When she spoke to her sensei and other important elfs from the city, the only thing they do was accept their destiny. She then took her family and left.

Intellectual Characteristics

Common sense, stategyst, open minded.
Neutral Good
Circumstances of Death
She cast a spell ending her life. She was persecuted by the minotaur law for crimes againts the world for the use of magic.She try to save her family, was a futile sacrifice.
Sharp amber
Silver, long and messy.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Gray toned
Known Languages
Elvish, Dwarvish, Common, Giant, Gnome, Ancient magical lenguage and Saurian.


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