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The Locket of Protection

The Locket of Protection is a Thanium amulet in the shape of a tower shield. It is said that this locket makes the wearer more resistant to any kind of damage, especially magic damage. What is more, the wearer can't be scryed upon, and will never be affected by spells against his will. The contents of the locket are unknown. it supposedly was given to one of the great heroes in the Celestial War, so that he may survive a gods wrath. Sadly, as most artifacts do, it disappeared at some point and cannot be found. Maybe some god took it with them, or a powerful mage banished it to some pocket dimension, preferring no one to have it instead of risking that it falls in the wrong hands.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

It was enchanted by one of the gods, but it is unknown which god it was.


It is an important artifact that any major country would love to possess. It would be invaluable to give this artifact to the leader of a country, as it would make it practically impossible to assassinate him.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Feels like it has no weight, despite being made of Thanium

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