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Eyes of Irezz

Rendering visions we can't even imagine

It shows things we are unable to see. It reveals things we are unable to comprehend.

An Obscene Obsession

  The Eyes of Irezz is an ancient artifact named after a mythological being Irezz worshipped by the Devournity cult. It was originally created to allow those who do not possess the essence of an I-Mage to see the inherent data held within a Siligraphite. Tall tales tell of an unnamed Textchanter long ago, before The Great Asimilation and awareness of Trans-Bjornism , who was not happy with harnessing only his essence. He withdrew from society into the wilds on his own where he researched obsessively a way to synthesize the resources I-Mages were able to manipulate.  

Driven Into Madness

  Super cycles turned into mega cycles since the recluse Textchanter isolated himself from society. An alarming number of I-Mages were reported missing during this time, so an expedition was made to find the cause. What the small group found in the uninhabited regions of the Isle of Keio was shocking. The remnants of strewn bodies and body parts were found near a cave, along with a strange device. The bodies were identified as other I-Mages from the primitive tattoos that once marked a Cier's essence.   The device was a crudely made metal box, with a single lens and a screen at the top with knobs for unknown settings. With curiosity, they turned it on. The screen revealed a multitude of images of the same face contorted into what looked like intense hysteria, pain, and suffering. The device was deemed cursed and supposedly destroyed.  

Devournity Fascination

  Devournists believe that the device harnesses the power of Irezz, a creature made of multiple eyes able to see all facets of the world as well as the inner desires of entities. They proclaim it provides a key to understanding what may lie on the other side, showing the truth to an existence contradicting the beliefs of Trans-Bjornism, and of a true god that controls the fate of all. Others speculate it entraps the soul of any who attempts to use it, a punishment for bending the rules of nature. No one knows where the item may be or if it even still exists, but there are those who still search for the original item or even attempt to recreate it.
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Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2019: "Write about the history surrounding a unique artifact or work of art in your world."

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