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Painting of the Elemental Magnates.


  In the early years when Culvingarrd was still young, the Saints of Irial had constructed a large monument in the mountains for them to live and worship. The memorial was a large building high in the mountains overlooking Culvingarrd and the realm of Worheim. One of the early saints who dwelled here was a young Dwarf by the name of Sweyn. Her last name was never recorded or used in ancient texts when describing her.  

The Mural In the Ceiling:

  The one profound memory of Sweyn rests still in the Great Hall of the monument to Irial. Sweyn constructed a large painting that depicts the different elemental magnates. The massive dome roof allowed for a perfect canvas as she captured the likeness of the magnates onto the ceiling.  

The characters in her painting are depicted as such:

  • There was a great dragon wreathed in a band of lightning
  • A massive giant made of ice
  • A shifting mountain of magma with arms like a bear.
  • A tree trunk bigger than any tree wrapped in a web of vines and moss with a pair of legs and arms.
  • A blue-skinned elf man with horns more substantial than the canopy of a tree.
  • A beautifully skilled creature of black and white riding a wave of wind.
  The background of the painting is split between a great beam of light and the darkness that surrounds it.  

The Vision:

  It is recorded in a biography about Sweyn that she has stood upon the ledge of the monument for near a day waiting for a sign from the Magnates. She was about to rest her knee upon the ground when she was given a splendid sight that could never be duplicated. It is said she did not know how long the vision lasted or how long she was on that mountain, but that afterward it felt like a lifetime had passed. When she got back to the monument, she spoke to no one, and immediately began working on the painting, attempting to recreate the likeness of the Magnates in her vision.

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