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"The face of Koah"

How wondrous, the works of the Dawn Children! How glorious their vision! Behold, the face of Koah, and weep for the world that was lost to the Dark! What divine inspiration brought those ancient builders to this place? What abiding reverence for their creators spurred them to carve the face of the mountain into the benevolent mien of Koah? How can you not gaze up and see the love they surely had for their lord? It is here, carved with patient hands into the rude granite of the mountain.   We are blessed to be in the presence of such majesty! In this fallen Age, how can we not fall to our knees before such ancient creations to beg for the return of Him? Come, sisters and brothers! Come kneel with me now. Clasp your hands to your hearts, raise your faces to Him on high, and revel in His beneficence!  
Redeemer Jessup, Peripatetic Cleric, Koah encampment
  Located on a bare granite cliff face near the edge of the Penumbra of the Daggerspire, the Face of Koah is a unique artefact of the last Dawn Age. It is an enormous statue of a human man, wearing what looks to be a tunic and pants, with his right hand outstretched in benediction. The statue is ancient, at least two millennia old, and though it has fallen into disrepair it remains an impressive example of the technical and artistic competencies of the last Age.


Cultural, religious
Item type
Unique Artifact
100' tall
Raw materials & Components
The Face of Koah is carved directly into the sheer face of a granite mountain. There is some evidence that it once was painted, but the millennia have scoured all colour from it. Here and there, the sculpture has been embellished with some unknown alloy which has resisted the elements like no other material known.

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