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Unnamed Monument

During the period of time the Braris Empire was the most powerful, the emperors and empresses would honor the one who had come before by commissioning massive statues to be built in the Scorched Wilds leading to Carthago Nova. By the time the Braris Empire fell, there was a massive line of statues creating a path to guide people to the Brarisi capital. As the statues moved further and further into the desert, more and more slaves and workers died constructing these monstrosities.   When Lorenzo Rossi razed the capital, he had many of these statues torn down to use in the construction of bridges and roads. However, the ones further out were considered to be too far into the desert and thus too risky to tear down. And so, some of these statues have remained standing in the harsh desert. Over the centuries, the elements have worn away features on the statue and the name of the person the statue was made to resemble has been lost to history leaving it as merely a marker guiding travelers from Granton and Courson to Sanctuary.

Manufacturing process

Masons used chisels, mallets, hand drills, pitching tools, and an assortment of hammers to carve the massive statue.


Was once cultural significant now it's as significant as a road sign.
Item type
Current Location
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
153 ft.
Raw materials & Components
Constructed from a large block of limestone.

Cover image: Shrine by Marco Gorlei


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Jul 31, 2019 15:48 by William Belley

Oooh i really like the art. the fact the statue faces down is intense.   Did some monument where used as makeshift landmark for people who want to put their tent, or nomadic tribes passing by ? Or were they too ominous and mysterious people didn't took the chance ?   Happy end of Summercamp !:)