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The Blade of Upheaval

The Blade of Upheaval is a mastercrafted sword that has a unique ability - to completely kill a Vex. This is one of two known ways to do so - the other is to destroy the Telaurium crystal beneath the tower they live in and then deliver a fatal blow. Though previously though to be just a myth, the Blade was forged by a near-immortal man by the name of Rork and his daughter Saffi. The blade itself is made of both Telaurium and paelite with a mysterious gem faceted into its pommel. With each slice of the Blade, it cuts away at the connection between a Vex and the ley energy of Folterra.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

With the strange gemstone at the pommel of the sword, which seems to be nearly indestructible, it is thought that the blade channels ley energy, much like a human would, to cleanly slice through the ties that bind one to the world of Folterra. The rest of the Blade works just like any other ordinary longsword - it has two cutting edges made of Telaurium. It bears an intricate helix made of paelite on the inside of the inner blade, and a decorative woven grip, along with a cross guard that descends downwards towards the pommel to protect the user's hand.

Manufacturing process

Should one attempt to reforge the Blade themselves from the seven pieces, they will find themselves unable to do so. Rork is the only one who knows how to reassemble it.


Being that the Blade can outright kill a Vex, it holds a high amount of significance should one hold it and fight under the banner of a certain Vex. As such, the Æternal decree has required the blade to be split into seven different pieces and be placed in hands of neutral parties. However, the latter part of the plan has not always worked, given that there have been inside agents in such neutral parties that move it towards Vex-affiliated areas. Additionally, some have speculated that this sword can do more than just kill a Vex - it may also sever the tendrils of the ley energy of the world irreparably.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
There is only one known sword of this kind on Folterra. Rork has claimed that he made one similar sword, but it does not contain the same power that this one does.
2 lbs
38 in
Base Price
If the Blade were to be broken down into its base pieces and sold on many of the Folterran black markets, it would be worth enough to buy out several kingdoms.
Raw materials & Components
Rork forged this weapon out of the purest Telaurium metal, paelite, and the aforementioned unknown jewel.
This weapon was forged at a volcanic forge located on an island just off the eastern coast of Aldren, with modern smithing tools.

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