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The Amulet of Astrona Emberwild

The Cataclysm War left the world with many mysteries. Whose side was Lothaire really on? Did Thanoth 'Nightcarver' Gathakanaki manage to wrestle control of his soul in the moment before his death? The death that allowed The Forces of Light into Arkran.   However, whilst there are documents and records that at the very least provide some insight into those for scholars to argue and debate over, none exist for what exactly Astrona Emberwild's amulet really did.  


Astrona never wrote about her own amulet. Nowhere in the writings that formed The Combined Notes of The Dark Council does anyone provide a detailed description of the piece of jewellery. Witnesses in battles described the amulet as a circular platinum casing with a platinum chain. The top of the casing peaks in a teardrop and this upper portion has a little row of small green gems, possibly emeralds or jades on either side. The main circular part of the amulet encases a large black gem of some kind, which protrudes outwards and inwards about half an inch with a flat front about three inches wide.  


It is presumed that the amulet was magically enchanted. However, no one knows what benefit the amulet provided or what abilities it held. Whilst some artefacts have visible signs of their magical nature, such as Aregos Falstar's sword glowing in the presence of undead, the amulet never showed such signs. There were arguments between those present at Astrona's final stand about whether not the amulet itself shone at the moment before she was disintegrated by the multitude of magical energy being fired at her. There is some belief that the amulet was part of the ritual she was attempting.  

Cult of the Nine

It is this belief that the Cult of the Nine is built upon. They believe the stories that Astrona was attempting to find a way to persist beyond death and that the amulet was the key to this. They believe the amulet holds the power to bring The Council of Nine back so they can complete their grand design for the world.
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable


Presumed Destroyed


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