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"No one knows the motives of either Puppetmaster or Torturer. Does Puppetmaster torture to please the weapon? Or does the weapon torture to please Puppetmaster?" - Rockdelven smith, from Helmgottia

Header taken from, by Gerzi 3D Art
Torturer is a one-of-a-kind morningstar that has seen more pain and misery than most of other weapons. It is rumored to be far heavier than the average morningstar, with specially weighted spikes at the end of the ball that makes it a far deadlier counterpart to other weapons. No one knows when it was created, for who and by who, but Torturer has been the best weapon to put individuals out of the misery in the most painful ways possible. Famous torturers and executioners have found this heavy morningstar on the next night after a significant execution or torture session was completed, and these individuals were soon blessed with an immense tool that makes their jobs easier. It is believed that the weapon is cursed, as the weapon whispers the cries of those it assisted in the torture and executions it has witnessed, and it revels when its wielder commits such acts. Long-time wielders have been reported to slowly turn more sinister and sadistic as time passes until eventually, someone else puts them out of their misery. Nowadays, it is commonly believed that the weapon now falls onto the users that call themselves "Puppetmaster", a master criminal, torturer, and sadist that has existed for thousands of years. It is possible that the name is more of a title, and that title is earned when they themselves earn the right to yield Torturer. While the precise nature and powers Torturer gives to its wielder are unknown, many speculate that it enhances the strikes against targets that are being hindered or are already wounded, like restrained, prone or bloodied. The actual effects of Puppetmaster wielding torturer are not quite as widespread, it is a common fear to be kidnapped by the Puppetmaster and be tortured for whatever reason, whether you be a commoner or politician. As such, many governments across Targonia notify many adventurers to bring down Puppetmaster, so that one day Torturer could be smelted down and no longer cause pain and give rise to a potentially more powerful threat should they find the weapon.


Torturer has often been used by the plane's most effective torturers and executioners throughout history.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
3ft long
Raw materials & Components
Torturer is primarily forged from the ore of compacted iron, and is considerably heavier than most other metals. The handle itself is wrapped in a black-dyed leather with blood stains adorning the shaft and handle. Finally, a ruby is inserted into the pommel.
Like most other weapons of metal, it was forged by a blacksmith using an anvil, forge and grindstone

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