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The Wayfarer

When you stand before the ship it is impossible not to feel small. It towers over any other ship. And the figurehead, may Ama help me, it looks alive.
As the largest of the Ageless Ships the Wayfarer is the most impressive. Its golden lion figurehead speaks to the imagination of many people. Some claim it is alive, but scholars have come to the conclusion that it is merely an optical illusion. The fact that the figurehead is so well crafted that it looks like a real lion was turned into gold, only helps maintain the illusion.


The earliest records mentioning The Wayfarer predate the Pulse several thousands of years. As an uncommon landmark it lay stranded in a bay near the harbor of present day Sajhdula. People back then believed it was the vessel of a god, since it remained untouched by time. Shortly after the Pulse almost destroyed the world the Oracle of Sajhdula took up residence in the Golden Light Tower. She proved her divine nature by bringing the ship to life. Under her guidance a crew was trained to navigate the ship. Their first mission was to collect food and building materials from places less damaged by the Pulse.

Important Missions

Sirens Plague Mission

Ten years ago the Ippah Medical Foundation & University (IMFU) was allowed to use the Wayfarer and its crew for two years. During that time the IMFU team discovered the cause of this horrible disease and they made some progress in the treatment and prevention of Sirens plague.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Related Condition
Length: 300 m
Width: 38 m

Ageless Ships

The Ageless Ships are artefacts from the Forgotten. They are thousands of years old, yet look brand new. There are five ships in total, each unique in their appearance, spread throughout the world. What is even more extraordinary is the fact they have no sails and do not get rowed. Instead they move thanks to a propeller. What exactly powers this propeller is unknown.

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