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The Wreath of Yena

He looked at the crown in his hands. It was made of beaten metal with a silver sheen, each leaf detailed with care down to the tiny veins embossed on the surface. Smaller stems protruded from the main vine of the crown, ending in tiny rubies that looked like berries. It seemed to shimmer with power. Gazing over the battle before him, he slowly lifted the crown and placed it on his head. The world seemed to slow around him as everything sharpened and came into crystalline focus.

The Wreath of Yena is a magical artifact that is said to have been forged during the Era of Creation by a skilled craftsman. Its current whereabouts are unknown, but many replicas have been made without the legendary magical effects for use in battles.

The Wreath is made of palladium and silver leaf. It is crafted to look like a wreath of vines, complete with clusters of berries and leaves. The berries are made from rubies, the gemstone of Yena, set firmly into the metal stems. When worn, it rests on the top of the wearer's head. Two branches split from the center of the back, circling around to rest their ends on the temples. The forehead is left exposed.

The Wreath of Yena is said to have special magical properties. It is not the soul anchor of Yena as far as can be determined, but was said to be blessed by her long ago. When worn, it enhances the user's senses and sharpens their reflexes to the point where time seems to slow down around them. It is meant to allow the wearer to make more clear decisions even in the heat of battle, enabling them to defend or attack as necessary. The Wreath is specifically meant to be worn by generals or other leaders in battle, helping them make whatever strategic decisions might be necessary. The wearer's mental capacities are also said to be increased, and all of these effects are intended to show the wearer the widest possible range of choices and outcomes and allow them to determine what the best course of action for any particular combat situation.

The Wreath's last recorded appearance was around BV 200, during a battle between some of the city-states of Galactus. The wearer's name is unknown but they are believed to have been a leader in the army of Lapetta, which was destroyed around this time and left in ruins. The Wreath may still be in the ruins, but it is more likely that it was found by someone excavating there.

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