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Objects of undeniable mystery and intrigue, the diadems of old lore continue to mystify the citizens of Vratixine 102.33. Forged on a mysterious system lost to the Centralian Cataclysm, and supposedly vessels for strange and untapped power, crowns and courtiers alike have striven for millennia to get their claws on the devices in the belief that it might grant them strength and knowledge unknowable.

The true fates of the diadems and those who have wielded them has become the stuff of myths and legends used to tuck the children of the galaxy into bed at night and terrify stray spacefarers out of less reputable quadrants. Whether or not they continue to exist, or if they ever did remains the subject of whispered debates in the halls of the courts and domiciles across the stars.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The true inner workings of diadems continue to be a mystery to all those who come into contact with them and their legends. Their scarcity means the have been nearly impossible to study, especially in modern times. Confirmations that they even exist are few and far between, though there are those who claim to have come into contact with them and substantiate the mysterious power of these devices.

Manufacturing process

Like many of the diadems themselves, the process through which they were created has been lost to the tides of time and the crushing gravity of Circa Prime's implosion.


Forged in the hazy millennia before the Centralian Cataclysm that have been all but lost by time, the diadems are presumed to have been crafted for the Old Gods, the conglomeration of monarchs that ruled over the sparser populations before power was centralized in The Crown. Besides being devices of legends, the diadems hold particular significance to those in the trhone as some in the past have claimed rights to their power as "royal privilege."
Item type
Diadems continue to be so illusive they are considered mythic and legend by most
Dependent upon crafting
Dependent upon crafting
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
Constructed using rare and illusive diadec metals
Lost to time

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