Wall of Exalted Glories

Every deed, every conquest and every great name, trailing towards our inevitable end.  
  Located in the heart of the Exarch's palace in Dhanû, the Wall of Exalted Glories is an elaborate mural that depicts the reign of every Exarch who had ruled the city-state. It is a jumble of different styles and each part of the wall tell a story about the Exarch who ruled and what troubles faced the city-state, told through stone, metal and gemstone.      

Glories Past and Present

  The Wall of Glories is carved straight from the stone walls in the cavern where it is located. It has grown to span across the entire first floor and an additional chamber has been dug out beneath it for future use. Colored stone and gems give it color while metals accent details or divide stories into parts. Each segmented is a stylized recounting of events, with little to no writing appearing until the last few Exarchs.  

  While the art of early Dhanû is relatively crude and without adornment, the latter parts are resplendent images emblazoned with gold and precious gemstone. It has become tradition for each Exarch to begin their rule by visiting the Wall and carving their own likeness into it, though this is usually touched up by an artist later on.
  Not only glorious battles and foes long since faded to time are carved the wall, but there are references to great works of art and poetry. With so little writing etched into the stone to give detail to some especially fantastical elements of the Wall, Dhanû relies on a tradition of oral storytelling to complement it. It is not uncommon for Exarchs to commission poems or songs to go with whatever they engrave into the Wall, though many of these have been lost to time, too.    

by Ricraider, Wikimedia Commons

Dhanû   The Wall of Glories lies deep in Dhanû, a city-state in the hostile and cold Sheoin Region. They are a proud people of skilled poets and fierce warriors, ruled by the Exarch. No matter who holds the throne or whatever bloodshed baptizes a new ruler, the Wall if always honored.   Read More About Dhanû
by Asaf Braverman

A Past Erased

  Some parts of the Wall has been scratched, defaced or even plastered over. Most of these are from early in Dhanû's history and whatever tales they told and why they were erased is lost.   No Exarch in present memory has ever been known to have done such an outrage and only the mad would risk the repercussions.
Although most Dhanû once believed that the wall told an absolute truth, modern scholars and skalds think that first Exarchs of the city-state must also have engraved myth and legend into the stone. After all, some of the things that the stone speaks of is impossible - lances of light, groves of verdany growth and some other great city in Sheoin. Truly, it could be little more than myth.

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