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Tel pyeno Tel

"Now, the Neo-Demoli art movement took off right where the Demoli artists left off centuries before. The Neo-Demoli artists were unsatisfied by the world left ravaged by the Starfall, and vented this emotion through art and illusion. Can anyone name any of the leading figures of this period?"

"Um, Talle Skiyon?"

"That's right. Many say that her Tel pyeno Tel was a reflection of her own despair after the destruction. On the left is the past, reaching out for help. And on the right is only ruins. The piece is truly groundbreaking..."
— Art professor and students
  A famous work of Neo-Demoli art, Tel pyeno Tel (/tɛːl pjeːˈno teːl/) by Talle Skiyon, uses a one-way illusion anchored on top of a sculpture.
  The sculpture is made of scrap metal and rocks, and the illusion on top is only visible from the left. If a person looks at the piece from the left, it looks like a figure reaching out. If looked at from the right, the ruined metal and stone underneath becomes visible.
  The piece was a great innovation in illusions and the creativity in using them. The one-way illusion was commonly used in centuries to come, and Talle was the credited creator of the method.

Manufacturing process

The piece was primarily forged and welded together.


The title in Minyi translates to 'Mirror of Knowledge.'
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One of a kind
Talle Skiyon
Character | Jul 26, 2019
Profession | Aug 1, 2019

Magical artform of the North


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