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Southern Plains Insults

The following common phrases are insults from the Areus Moor Plains. Typically in their culture, everyone needs to pull their own weight. When someone is lazy or lack valuable skill sets, they tend to ostracised from their communities until they prove their worth. As a result, the insults revolve around that.   Renma vou mou Lorka, is generally used on the death or soon to be dead. If you are a value to the community then the community gives back to you after you die. By saying one must dig their own grave suggests that you are not worth the community's time. This is an insult that people are truly hurt by. It's rarely said but has a lot of impact.   Auwan il Benor, requires little explanation. You are a waste of resources and one of the most abundant, space.   Dormoga Vembo, is referring to Barcinturattan, the embodiment of death. It's referring to the fact you are helping him by hurting the community. You just do whatever he tells you basically suggesting you lack thought or will.   Renma Lorka, is a saying around the family. If the family has been a waste, then their child inherits that as well and thus this insult is used.   Suss, generally needs little explanation. Hard working people are valued, but ones with a good skill set are important, but when someone is wasting their time not improving, well this insult is used. Generally used on people who are valued but are slacking. Very light hearted insult to poke fun at someone then to hurt them.

Common Phrases
-- Renma vou mou Lorka : : Dig your own Grave -- Auwan il Benor : : Waste of Space -- Dormoga Vembo: : Dragon's slave -- Renma Lorka : : Family Trash -- Suss : : Lazy

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