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LeechSpeech is the dizzying slanguage spoken by the Net-Leeches of the Jupiter Syndicate, though as a broad concept it has been adopted universally.
I hearsawn Sho Barzun got natched for a bump of Slap.
Started shufflin' buckets 'till him own got kicked. Roses, Sho.
— LeechSpeech Speaker

A Language of Insults

In most LeechSpeech conversation it is considered arrogant, aloof, and rude to not pepper your speech with derogatory comments and insults. The more creative the insult, the more it shows that you care about the person to put forth that level of effort.

Living Language

Like all slanguages it is a living language, constantly evolving and changing as trends make certain words popular or unpopular.   It can be considered as much an art-form or a game as it is a language. Speakers are constantly trying to push the envelope by making up new words—to bank on the short-lived social esteem garnered by being the ones to have their words adopted and used. New derivatives of old words emerge, explode, and become old-news in a single night.  
Skullin 'em urches for rails inna stedbox in SoufSy ain't no kiddie job.
— LeechSpeech Speaker
  It is one of the most storied slanguages in Ethnis, as it is thought to have a lineage tracing all the way back to 21st century earth, with 13375p33k, evolving through Deadsyd, and several iterations of chatspeak since before becoming LeechSpeech.

Geographical Distribution

LeechSpeech originates from the Jupiter Syndicate but is used in some form wherever there are internet communities or artists.

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Common Female Names
Jane (Human), Sane (Saza), or Vane (Verin) are names for fellow NetLeeches.
Common Male Names
Joe (Human), Sho (Saza), or Vo (Verin) are names for fellow NetLeeches.
Common Unisex Names
Syndie, as a derogatory name for other JS members who aren't NetLeeches.


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3 Jul, 2018 18:06

Oh god, I'm having flashbacks to the 13375p33k days of years past... Very well-written, and I love how you've used tooltips to provide translations/explanations! How is the evolution of new words spread so fast? Is there some sort of central location where people keep track of the current words, somewhat like our UrbanDictionary?

3 Jul, 2018 18:12

There is! But at the same time part of the art of the language is figuring out what each other is saying. If people can't figure out what you're saying one of you is summit low; either the shooter missed his shot or Mark skipped wearin' sneakers.

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3 Jul, 2018 18:16

Wow, I got a real laugh out of the quotes man. Haha. Also those names. So many Joes

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3 Jul, 2018 19:24

I love the homage to leet speak, and how it keeps evolving over time. The translations are super helpful, and I was happy to understand some of it without needing it though! I've skipped wearin' sneakers a little though : p

3 Jul, 2018 20:19

Carny, I grok allus oughta could fall to SpendThrifts Boats.

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3 Jul, 2018 19:37

Neat! I like the future look at 13375p33k in a new context

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