Kimirian Language

Insulting word for someone who is being disrespectful or blasphemous.
Insulting word for someone who is purposefully doing cruel or unkind things
Kanga zuxian tam dai
Curse/Fuck your ancestors to the beginning of time
Gao toriniku
Dog whelp/Child of a bitch
By Lyvona
An expression used to express frustration, joy, fear, or disgust depending on the person's tone
An older insult used to describe someone who is being naive, foolish, or easily tricked
A newer insult used to describe someone who is naive, foolish or easily tricked
An insult that means someone is greedy or insatiable. Can also mean that someone is a being cruel or sadistic
Sofu Xìngbie
A highly offensive phrase that roughly translates to 'Grandfatherfucker'
Gou kai tawagoto
An insulting phrase that means shit eating dog
Sedum inhabits you
An insulting phrase that means someone is empty-headed or stupid. Sedum is the empty vastness the divine beings emerged from.

Geographical Distribution

Mainly spoken on Kimiri though there are some neighboring islands where people speak the language.


In Kimirian, the sound of the system is influenced by both the segment as well as the tone with which the person speaks allowing the same word to mean different things based on the tone of the speaker. There are four main tones used on the island as well as a neutral tone used on weak syllables.
Common Female Names
Agiri, Albania, Bai, Carmela, Dasha, Gabriela, Isa, Liora, Mara, Nili, Nives, Orli, Portia, Qin, Raffaella, Xia, Ziva, Zoheret
Common Male Names
Aurelius, Cai, Elias, Jokine, Kaeso, Lei, Marcus, Orlando, Raizel, Shir, Vinicio
Common Unisex Names
Jin, Kedem, Shauli, Yuly, Zou
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