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Language of disgrace in Bellflower

This is an article on bad language. Proper behavior frowns on these uses, and they may have some similarity to real world offensive language. By no means do I intend to insult any group or person with these.  

Below are a list of common words and phrases used in an insulting manner.

a reference to someone lazy, undisciplined, rooted to a single spot and sitting in their own excrement
as in vacuous, used for those who can't be bothered with their Duty or are weak willed and easily swayed or dominated.
Shriveled Sacs
a reference to sexual and reproductive in-aptitude, especially prominent as there is a lot of cultural value in having kids as the population was devasted by The Plague of Silmora
often used with descriptive adjectives to describe "stinky" situations, similar to "damn" where it can be used in a vulgar context and it's normal word context.
referring to a liquid discharge of the human body present as a late symptom in the plague. Often combined with other words. Similar to F*ck.
Gorniv's Horns
used interrogatively or to describe a person. referring to the dragon god of trickery and scheming(Goranalivorniv), used to refer to a manipulative businessman, politician, or schemer.
Dimiv's Raking Claws
used interrogatively to refer to a situation that is messing with you. Named for the dragon god of dominance, Diminivatorlan.
Merid's Gift
a lewd compliment. Generally referring to ample breasts and hips in women, or a man's package. Named for the goddess of nature and novelty in the Nomele religion, Merid.
  Variants of each of these are used within the various languages in the Island Continent of Bellflower
Note on linguistics for roleplaying. These insults are presented as an english speaker could use them in game, not in their original language.

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