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Common Assertions in Cieran

Caution: Thrown Exceptions May Occur!

The following are some well known terms and phrases used by Cieran Entities to throw insults, also known as Assertions. Entities are cautious to use these at their own risk since some are more fragile than others, which can cause disruptive meltdowns that hinder the daily workflow of the System.  
Warning! Throwing an Assertion may cause another to throw an Exception. Play nice or you may suffer a forced cease and desist!
— Ministry of Management

Resource hog
A term given to an entity who is viewed as gluttonous when it comes to hoarding bits to themselves.
Cram it in your heap
A phrase used in retaliation against another attacker's insult, implying to forcefully place it through their backdoor.
Listening to you gave me an overflow
A phrase used to rudely comment on an Entity being extremely talkative, where the content of the speaker is going in one ear and out the other.
You're a few bits short of a byte
A phrase mostly used by well to do Entities, and usually directed towards poorer and marginalized Entities.
You have no class
Another derogatory phrase commonly used by Plurel Ciers towards their close relatives, the Singul Ciers. Plurels view themselves in much higher standards than Singuls.
I'll refactor your face
A phrase commonly used by adolescent Entities to insult another Entity's appearance and smell.
If you were a collection class, your insert method would be public
An elaborate phrase calling someone shamefully promiscuous, because public insertion methods can easily become infected.
Term given when an Entity is seen as useless and defective, usually full of redundancy. Basically, a piece of garbage or trash.
Used to denote an Entity's inability to provide sufficient output, only taking without giving anything in return.
You must take up two memory addresses
Phrase to denote that an Entity is pretty big. Like, freaking huge.
If we divided by your intelligence, the world would end
Phrase to imply the Entity's intelligence is zero to null.


Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2018: “What are some common insults unique to a language in your world?"

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