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Applicable Insults, Ch. 4 of the Hegemon's Review

Occasionally it is observed that Immortals fail to cooperate in certain military engagements. They are frequently known to fail to issue into a killing field in view of archer battalions, and sometimes hesitate to enter ambushes properly, often delaying their extermination by days or weeks. In these cases, it is often expedient to encourage the savages with phrases in their own tongue to move with more fitting aggression.  

Best Delivery

The forces are to be cued to shout a selected phrase in unison for best results over distance. In smaller engagements, where belligerents are within sight and approximately even in number, giving forth different assertions ad hoc is more expedient to implement and equally effective. If eye contact can be established, delivery with correct posture and facial expression can amplify the impact.   On occasion, one may find that an opponent makes reply, often to laughter from his comrades. In this case, one may take it that the insult was wittily rebuffed in the Elvish tongue, reducing or negating its efficacy. In such a case, one must rapidly follow up with a new insult along a different line of attack. If one recognizes a barb from the opposing side, the reuse of a retort thereto, possibly learned from earlier interlocutions with the mysties, may undo the moral edification which their verbal essay might have provided.  


"Alleuwa Noere do revele Alearen."
"Your hair is full of knots and split ends!"
"Kalevren Feluilath!"
"Smelly earholes!"
"Norgar do Marleh Kaliaten."
"You look like small children of men!"
This one is particularly effective against gnomes, which otherwise are quite difficult to enrage into tactical disadvantage.
"Alemat en do Aleden Hasalen!"
May your armpits explode with ticks!
"Alemat en do Eer Morane Dashan!"
May your eyes become as latrines to flocks of birds!
"Yanela sein Goshein, maleh Erethuil acce."
"Finders keepers, haul your sorry butt out!"
"Alenath e sur Helei Opia."
"I am anatomically advantaged over you in a way which should cause you envy and insecurity."
"Enesil rel Enme Lethin asro Wrenned"
"You smell like you look, your pungency reaches even here."
(particularly potent with gnolls and centaurs, who hate the implication that their animal similarity makes them more similar to animals.)
"Dorlain senagra."
(not translateable)
(For use in interactions with Merfolk. Very potent, though not very specific.)
"Helesam er meil Etham Corae"
"My foot becomes a companion to your face."
Eat a turd you dirtkissing brainless meatsack!
(This one was formulated by Spliney the Younger, making use of the contextual nature of the root Elven tongue. However, due to shifts in dialect, it is only guaranteed effective in interactions with elves or centaurs of the Crest woods. With other subpopulations of savages, it may be translated, "Nice Pants," "Don't Touch the Moustache," "Vomit stars oscillate because leaves are not educating," or "The sun is in my nose and I cannot extricate it.")   Useful Vocabulary
(Expletive, noun)
(Expletive, noun)
(Expletive, verb)

Geographical Distribution

Due to dialectic drift, the Mysties in question must be considered specifically when selecting an applicaple phrase. Anatomy and culture are also important factors which must match in context the selected item. However, in more personal contact, the intent seems often to be sufficient for efficacy even when the vocabulary or conjugation may strike the target as uncouth.

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