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The Dokhar Language

There is perhaps no language with such widespread usage and influence as that of the Dokhar. When the term "Dokhar Language" is used in the singular, without any greater specification or affixation, it refers to a lingua franca, originally born as a means of communication between members of the Dokhar League, many of which had their own sister languages and dialects, but has seen widespread use all across the Shimmering Sea. It has thus influenced the development languages from around the Shimmering Sea, including wholly foreign tongues, as well as those same sister languages and dialects which it was built from. The greatest contributing factor in the spread of the Dokhar language has been trade—both the powerful position held by first the Empire of the Sea, and then the Dokhar League, but also through the presence of the Andokh Renar on trading ships the world over, being primarily of some Dokhar ethnicity, and universally instructed in the Dokhar language.   On that topic,the Dokhar language is also subject to a curious phenomenon. As sailors have a tendency towards indecorous speech, shall we say, Dokhar insults and curses have spread particularly far.
— from Shimmering Speech: On the Languages of the Shimmering Sea, by Alstarphys Dolmoron Kine


The consonant inventory of the Dokhar language is fairly small, consisting only of the labial, alveolar, palatal, and velar nasals (/m/, /n/, /ɲ/, and /ŋ/, respectively), the voiced alveolar stop (/d/), the aspirated unvoiced velar stop (/kh/), the alveolar trill (/r/), and the voiceless alveolar fricative (/s/).   The vowel inventory is only a few sounds smaller, consisting of the open front unrounded vowel (/a/), the close-mid front unrounded vowel (/e/), the close mid-back rounded vowel (/o/), the open-mid back rounded vowel (/ɔ/), the near-close back rounded vowel (/ʊ/), the mid-central vowel (/ə/), also known as the schwa, and the susurrated close front unrounded vowel (/iʱ/)


Syallbles in the Dokhar language take the form (C)-V-(C), in which the nucleus is always present, and may be surrounded by a consonant on either side. The nucleus is always a vowel.

Common Phrases
/khə/ Yes
/ŋʊd/ No
/dokh/ Water
/ŋʊdokh/ Literally "not water," a term originating with sailors to describe a person or action as incompetent
/khəra medokh/ A term for a sea monster as it relates to Dokhar religion; sometimes used informally to refer to something the speaker has an intensely complicated relationship with.
/romoɲa/ A vulgar term for feces.
/khəra medokh romoɲa/ Literally, a blasphemously vulgar term for sea monster feces; used informally to refer to something (generally not a person) the speaker finds unpleasant.
/ɲɔŋ/ A vulgar term for sexual intercourse.
khəra medokh ɲɔŋar/ Literally, a blasphemously vulgar term for someone who has sexual intercourse with sea monsters; used informally to refer to someone for whom the speaker has a deep dislike for.
/mə ɔɲa nokhəra medokh ɲɔŋ ŋa/ Literally, "I hope you get fucked by a sea monster"

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