Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, Revised

BEING A DICTIONARY OF PUCKISH SLANG, UNIVERSITY WIT, AND PICKPOCKET ELOQUENCE   The aim of this dictionary is to chronicle those phrases too vulgar for common publication. This edition has had certain passages removed due to the extent of their impropriety.  

Excerpts from The Vulgar Tongue

  Aver Men Men who will, for a certain fee, swear to any story before a judge.   Beetle faced Ugly   Bite A cheat, or a woman's privates   Brim tailed Flirtatious or promiscuous   Cropped doll A modern girl (alternatively an insult and a compliment)   Colke A fool, a liar   Colt Inexperienced, clumsy   Coop A brothel   Doggess A derogatory term for a woman   Droper A drunkard   Ducer A poor man   Fancy man A man kept by a rich woman (increasingly applied to the common-law husbands of female criminals)   Feeter A promiscuous man   Flesher A match-maker   Flouted Ridiculous   Ganner One given to talking to excess   Gentleman of four outs without money, without credit, without manners, and without wit   Guller A liar, a habitual deceiver   His brains are in his ballocks He is a fool   Hog-headed Stubborn   Hubbler Easily confused   (May) the plague take you! A harsh curse, considered slightly antiquated. A name or noun can be substituted for 'you,' and the variant "may the plague take the gods" has been around since at least Sabi Jobai, and is often used in response to misfortune.   (The) monosyllable A university name for the posterior, or for a boorish person   Mort A woman; at times derogatory   Mucker A miser   Night bird A derogatory term for a sex worker   Old cat A thief past his prime   Piece A derogatory term for a woman, often implying promiscuity   Poxed Ugly   Put A ignorant man   Slov A messy person, often of loose morals   Summiteer A drunkard   Wolf A derogatory term for a woman. Increasingly, a dangerous woman, perhaps due to the influence of the Thirty-Nine Wolves


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7 Jul, 2018 13:14

Haha those are some good ones, I'd love to see a quote or example of them being used in your lore!

7 Jul, 2018 13:32

"That beetle-faced droper! His brains are in his bollocks, I tells ya!" Forgive me, but all of these words and phrases are so fun to play around with; great job!

7 Jul, 2018 14:09

I like the mix of insults from both the real world and yours. Like Tikal said, I would like to see some of the insults, particularly the new ones, used in a sentence or quote.