Sabi Jobai

The gods! The gods! There are cities that even the carrion crow dares not overfly, and you would talk to me of the will of the gods? The death of a world lays at their feet! May the plague strike down the gods, and if any remain may they meet my sword!
— Sabi Jobai, shortly before founding the Black Rose
  Sabi Jobai is most widely known for being the first - and only - person from Veshiri to kill a god, and for founding the Order of the Black Rose in response to the Great Plague and the Order of the Serpent's failure to adequately denounce the gods.   As a child, she was the sole survivor of an outbreak that wiped out her village in 1,710 of the Dawn Era - one of the plague's first casualties. She was taken in by a temple, where many of the priests treated her with suspicion, fearing she carried the plague. She later ran away, and lied about her age to join the Serpents, sometime around 1,630 of the Dawn Era.   She was a mere 97, still an adolescent by elven standards, when she became frustrated with the Serpents and struck out on her own, a year after authoring the controversial A Declaration of the Rights of the Worldly Peoples.
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
1724 D.E. 1588 D.E. 136 years old
Black and large
Black and worn straight, short, and uncovered, in defiance of custom


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