Order of the Black Rose

The Order of the Black Rose schismed from the Order of the Serpent in the year 1,627 of the Dawn Era. Their founder, Sabi Jobai, felt that the Serpents didn't go far enough in their condemnation of the gods. Sabi believed that not only were the gods apathetic to the plight of the elves, but that they were actively malicious.   In the year 1,588 of the Dawn Era, some decades after the final aftershocks of the plague had begun to fade, the Black Rose had picked up considerable steam across the world. One particularly vain god took notice, and reacted with anger to the fall in worship. His Faithful waged a brief but bloody war against the Black Rose, which resulted in a resounding victory for the Order, as Sabi gave her life to strike down the god.
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Important Documents   A Declaration of the Rights of the Worldly Peoples


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