Order of the Serpent

In 1,704 of the Dawn Era, the Great Plague came to Lokmei. It spread rapidly through the cities and villages alike, devastating the populace. Many claimed that the hated Meqausho were intentionally spreading it, or else that the plague was a result of heretics angering the gods.   The Order's founder, Kahbe Ghavani, believed that the plague was of inconsequential origin, and that it was the duty of the gods to protect the people from it - a duty they had clearly abandoned. He declared the gods irrelevant and formed the Order to give aid to the peoples of Lokmei and eventually the world, and to help them forge a life without reliance on the gods.   The Order was founded to aid in building a world without the gods. The initial circle consisted of people from all walks of life, whose only common trait was their distaste for the absent gods.
Religious, Other
Notable Members


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