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The Hub Lands

Main meeting point and safe haven of the Rovers

Special thanks to Koray Birenheide for helping with the name of this location


"My father was right, the Hub Lands are Archan rightful territory. It doesn't matter what these pirates think, if they wish to enjoy the privilege of living in our lands, they better back off and follow our rules. I won't accept any other way."
— Abraham II, King of Archana

Once a neighbor land and now part of the Kingdom of Archana, the Hub Lands have earned a reputation as the home to the Rovers, oddly enough, a nomadic people with no home. First used only as a safe spot for rovers to dock every once in a while, small communities eventually grew as more and more of them decided to settle down.


With its coast mostly taken by rocky shores and with a few beaches, there are but a few set spots that a ship can approach. The northern and southern reaches of the Hub Lands have a higher altitude, while the in-between is lower. To the East, the Bashmu Mountains divide the Hub Lands from the Archan Heartland.

Fauna & Flora

Going southwards, the Hub Lands are filled with denser forests, then a flatland with more sparse vegetation, and the wetlands to the far south, closer to the Bashmu Mountains. Willows, birches, and pines are the most common trees around, with smaller plants and flowers like gorse, heather, broom, and bracken.

The Hub Land's wildlife is pretty standard to the old world. Small mammals, such as rabbits, polecats, bats and otters, medium-sized such as wild boars and foxes, and larger ones such as deers and bears can be found. Birds are often small and herbivorous, though owls and egrets can be seen, and the regions near the mountains are famous for housing hawks.

Natural Resources

This region is rather rich in comparison to the nearby Archan Heartland. The soil is great for plantation, the sea is plenty with good fish, the meadows provide for good cattle and horse raising, but they don't have any easy access to the Veins. The marshes near the mountains offer a good challenge to anyone willing to approach, hardly worth it to make a trip and back, or even to settle nearby.

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