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Alwer Deepsea

Captain of the Maelstrom and apprentice of the legendary pirate Ol' Deepsea

Captain Alwer "Deepsea" Droit (a.k.a. Captain Deepsea)


"Lemme guess... You, gentlemen, are here to try and arrest me for the crime of voluntary trade and free speech? Heh, you aren't the first... And you sure won't be the last."
— Alwer Deepsea

Bearing the name of the legendary Ol' Deepsea, Captain Alwer Deepsea was his apprentice, and inherited his mentor's ship and crew. Even though they shared quite a few traits, Alwer wants to leave his mentor's shadow by doing his own thing. Still, he managed to earn the trust of his crew, and also began to make a name for himself in Blackbourne, becoming the number one target of the Count and the Blackguard.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Fit as a sailor should be, he keeps his body in shape through the daily exercise in the port and while sailing. And despite being strong and tall with wide shoulders, he is not very beefy overall, lending to his agility in sailing and combat. His health is also one of the best among his crew, as he nearly ever gets sick.

Body Features

Tall, bald, dark-skinned, muscular, and covered in scars, Alwer is intimidating to those who don't know him for a reason.

Facial Features

His face is composed of hard edges, with a strong jawline. He keeps his face shaved, as beards aren't his thing.

Identifying Characteristics

While often unnoticed at first sight, his most distinct feature is certainly his wooden prosthetic leg. Made to replace the leg he lost during a battle, it was made with such high-level craftsmanship and he is so used to it that one can barely notice any difference in his walk pattern.

Physical quirks

Unlike his strong silhouette suggests, Alwer's movements are loose, light, and fluid. He is a very gesticulated, and "talks" with his entire body.

Apparel & Accessories

Alwer is always wearing light and loose clothes so that his movements are unhindered, with long sleeves rolled up to his elbows and long pants held by large boots and a belt. There is also a silver earring on the left ear and sheaths for both weapons on each side of his hip.

Specialized Equipment

While always resorting first to diplomacy, Alwer is proficient with the duelist style of the saber and dagger, using both in conjunction to attack and defend.

Special abilities

While not really efficient at casting, Alwer has some degree of skill in magic, able to manipulate the elements of Water, Wind and Thunder, as he is being taught by his friends.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in Edgemourn, Alwer Droit was the son of a member of the Steel Warden's Council. When he was 16, his ordinary life changed forever. The Artalgnian army approached the gates of the Diamond Walls in one more attempt to break through them to conquer Archana. The siege to follow, the Battle of the Red Diamond, ended with the Wardens' victory, but it cost the life of Alwer's father.

After the battle, Alwer and his mother received the news from the couple's friend, Achard, another member of the Council. To make matters worse the government redirected their pension towards the ADP now that the Wardens were nearly all dead. Devastated, the two moved to Blackbourne, trying to move on from the loss, and trying to find a new job now that Edgemourn was in ruins.

The first year was rough. Blackbourne was no easy place to make a living in, and the high influx of people coming from Edgemourn only made finding a good job harder. His mother's health was quickly getting worse, so Alwer had to bring the food home by himself. He would always try to find honest small jobs first, but when that failed, stealing was his option.

It all got worse in the second year when Achard, in one of his customary visits, reported to Alwer's mother that he suspected that King Abraham was plotting with Artalgne. Alwer overheard the conversation and began to build up a great resentment towards the King, who dared to befriend the enemy who killed his father. A few weeks later, Alwer's mother died.

Filled with anger and frustration, Alwer gave himself to crime, hoping that he would find his end one day. Instead, it was an old man that found him, or rather, that he found. The man was his next mark, but Alwer didn't expect that despite being old, he was sharp. He caught Alwer in the act and knocked the young man unconscious, and when he woke up, he was tied to the mast of a ship.

The man was called "Ol' Deepsea", and was not just a pirate, but the legendary captain of the Maelstrom. After a rather short talk, Alwer was unexpectedly cut loose and given the option to run back before the ship sailed, or to stay and join the crew. He stayed.

As a stranger to seafaring, Alwer started to learn from the bottom up, but it didn't take too long before Ol' Deepsea took him under his wing. Alwer was showing some promise as a pirate, maybe even as an heir to the old man. Alwer grew closer and closer to Deepsea through the years, and also with the crew. He was slowly becoming a member of the family.

Almost a decade of adventures later, Ol' Deepsea passed away and left all he had to Alwer. Assuming his position, Alwer Deepsea decided that, due to all that he's learned, the crew's next move would be to go back to Archana and fight against the King. And so they did.

The Maelstrom ended up becoming quite infamous in the city, the scum of the Bay, as Alwer and his crew helped the black market and fought back against the Blackguard. A whole campaign had started against Deepsea, as the Count blamed him and his black market for the downfall of the city.


As the son of a Warden, Alwer's education was granted by the government. He went to school through most of the formal educational run. But he couldn't finish it, as his family went broke after his father died.


Grow up enough to be able to inherit the Ol' Deepsea's legacy is certainly Alwers' greatest pride and an opportunity he doesn't intend to waste.


With a renewed sense of morality, Alwer deeply regrets his past as a thief, not only because now he is against stealing, but also because he was stealing mostly from the poor.

Morality & Philosophy

Just as Ol' Deepsea taught him, Alwer defends the idea that one's greatest treasure is oneself, and no one is allowed to violate the integrity of else. One's body, life, words, and actions, are all some of the things that are belonging to oneself and no one else, and the basis of all civilized interactions is respecting those things. That means that one's body and properties (which are the consequences of one's actions) must not be violated, unless in self-defense.


The initiation of any kind of violence, such as killing, stealing, and even threatening, are all things to be loathed. He does his best to refrain from doing any of those things, and instantly punishes anyone who dares to commit any of these acts while he is around.

Personality Characteristics


Being a victim of the bad administration of the kingdom, and now seeing the world with new eyes, Alwer decided that he should help the people and free them from their bonds, making them disbelieve on the power of the crown.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Among his greatest skills, persuasion, diplomacy, swordplay, sailing, and leading are just some of them. But he still doesn't have a lot of control over his magic and doesn't worry too much about long-term strategy, rather going directly to his objectives even when finding a way around would be more efficient and safe.

Virtues & Perks

Alwer holds his morals to the highest standards and doesn't let him break even when there seems to be no other way around. He would rather find another solution somehow than going against the things he believes in.

Vices & Flaws

When it comes to his opponents, Alwer doesn't use any energy trying to maintain some mutual respect. From simples condescending responses to straight up disrespecting and shaming, he wastes no time before trying to diminish those who oppose him.


Contacts & Relations

As the Deepsea before him, Alwer is allied to the Pirate Order, having a respected voice in the group. There are also other smaller individuals with who he deals, such as those involved in the black market.

Family Ties

Alwer left his past behind, especially since his parents died, and has no contact with any other relatives. His family is his crew now.

Religious Views

There is nothing in the matter of religions that pleases Alwer. He thinks that religions are only tools to manipulate the people, excuses to convince them to do what the upper class wishes.

Social Aptitude

Sarcastic, outspoken, talkative, confident and quick-witted, Alwer has no problems whatsoever in social interactions. He is often the one who takes the lead, resolves arguments, and persuades people. Despite that, he is irreverent, giving no regards at all to etiquette and authorities.

Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Scum of the Bay
Captain of the Maelstrom
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
463 AE 32 Years old
Current Residence
Light brown
Bald / Black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
81 kg
Owned Vehicles
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Archani (Rovian Dialect)
Family & Relations
Maelstrom's crew (family and partners)
Ol' Deepsea (mentor and father figure)
Pirate Order (allies)

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