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Pirate Order

Decentralized siblinghood of seafarers


"Don't worry, if anything happens we got a B plan. We, pirates, are like family, all I gotta do is snap my fingers and we have an escape ready for you. You're family now too, kids."
— Alwer Deepsea, Captain of the Maelstrom

Some groups are born from necessity, some are born with a goal, some are born for entertainment... And some are born from mockery. Accused of being pirates and criminals by the Archan royalty, the Rovers couldn't care less about the false claims of a monarch and embraced the label, eventually resulting in the birth of the ironically-named Pirate Order.


The Order is a decentralized society, and therefore there is no hierarchy. It works only as a pact of mutual help, much like how in a common family each individual would help each other for the bond they have. This means that different crews might build different relationships and different methods to aid one another, contributing to the prosperity of them all.

Public Agenda

Each crew fights for whatever they see fit, but the Order as a whole has no purpose other than preserving the Rovers and the pirates. Still, they all cherish the ideal of freedom, and can often be seen fighting for it in other lands dear to them.


It's nearly impossible to be sure of how many crews and ships are part of the Order, as they are spread all around the world. But each of them is composed of a number of skilled fighters and mages, very capable and ready to take on any challenges.


"ACTUAL pirates, as in criminals? Did you actually believe that? No, we just like sailing and adventuring. There would be no point trying to fight against the word of a King, you people believe in everything a crown says, so we just made of it our inside joke!"
— Alwer Deepsea, Captain of the Maelstrom

The Order was first conceived by Ol' Deepsea during the War for the Hub Lands, as an effort to drive the invading troops from Krenjor away from their land. The name of the group was an ironic response to how the seafaring Rovers were being mislabeled and accused of being pirates by King Edric of Archana.

Illicit, Other
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s. Pirate; pl. Pirates
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