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Commanders of the rovian ships


"Dude, what you think we are? He's our captain, we're not crossing him up. EVER."
— Beatrice "Bee" Lykke, crewmember of the Maelstrom

Revered among the Rovers are their Captains, the leaders of the ships and crews that their culture revolves around. These captains may not have the support of a crown or a ruler, but it is undisputable that they have the support from the people.


The undisputed skills that a captain must have is being a savant in sailing and a calm and cold leader during moments of tension.


While in new ships the captains are their owners, in older ships the post is passed down only to someone worthy of assuming the post, someone who has been properly trained and tested by the previous captain, in a mentor-pupil kind of relationship.


Either before a captain dies ou when they decide to retire, they pass down their role to an apprentice, represented by a deed and title of property of the vessel.


It is expected that the captain acts as an inspiring leader for the crew, a just moderator during disputes and find a cause to fight for that resonates with the crew - be it treasure hunting, looting, exploring, fighting or anything.


A captain has the final say in where the ship is headed next and why, hence the wheel of the ships is theirs. It also befalls to them the responsibility for the crew's safety in situations of danger, such as during battles and storms, when extreme maneuvering is necessary.

Accoutrements & Equipment

There are some crews that adopt a piece of garment as the symbol of the captain, such as a hat or a coat, but that depends on the internal culture of the crew.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

As a captain is the owner of a ship, they may only legally lose their post by handing the ownership of the vessel to someone else, be it because of their death or retirement.


As the rovers' history is quite nebulous due to their detached culture, it is hard to pin down how the title was used in its earlier centuries, let alone its origin or every single person who has been a captain. Still, it is worth mentioning that in the last 2 centuries the captains and their crews, often referred as pirates, have had a strong influence in Archana, in both good and bad ways.

Cultural Significance

For the rovers, the captains are the most honorable positions in society, those lead lead the people through the vast seas. It is a position that many seek to achieve, sometimes even illegally...

Notable Holders

  • Ol' Deepsea - Former captain of the Maelstrom, he gathered other captains to form the Pirate Order, along with many other accomplishments;
  • Alwer Deepsea - He was the apprentice of Ol' Deepsea, assuming the old man's place as captain of the Maelstrom, and is currently leading illegal trades in Blackbourne.

In effect
Sometime between 1 and 50 AE
Equates to
This title carries the same name and resposibilities as other nations' ship captains, but there are a few key differences.
Source of Authority
The crew
Length of Term
Lifelong (or until retired)
Current Holders
Past Holders
Related Locations
Related Organizations

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