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Seafaring, adventurous, and outlaw rovers


"We don't care what you call us, dude. We know what we are, and that's all that matters to us."
— Beatrice "Bee" Lykke, crew member of the Maelstrom

The Rovers, a mostly nomadic people that has built settlements in The Hub Lands, are famous for being active players on the high seas, sometimes as outlaws. Due to the close proximity, they have a strong presence in Archana, where they have earned their label: Pirates.



As much of anything related to being a pirate, the qualifications to becoming one always up to each crew. Most of the time, there isn't anything really required except for the willingness to follow the Captain's orders, but a few crews are more picky on their choices, requiring specific experiences, set of beliefs, or useful skills.

Career Progression

More often than not, a new member of a crew is tasked with cleaning duties, so they can be useful aboard until they learn how to perform other more complex tasks. Above that, there is the main bulk of the crew, each performing an important role and rarely one with authority over another. And then, there is the Captain, who is the owner of the ship. By rovian culture, one only becomes a captain when the ship is inherited from the previous one, but some more violent crews accept riots and the power being taken by force.

Payment & Reimbursement

There isn't much space for luxuries in a life on the seas, so there is no such thing as a payment. Pirates live from what they can get in the line of work, more or less depending on how successful the crew is. The money is often split into equal parts among the crew, sometimes the captain keeping more. There are instances when the income is more stable and each role receives a different fixed payment, but that is often not the case. Still, there isn't much space for luxuries in a life on the seas, and most of the payment the crewmembers receive are either given to their families on land or spent without restraints on food and drink.



The life of a pirate is one of freedom. While they often share the same culture and ideals, they rarely perform the same tasks. Some crews work only on trading, some as plunderers; some as transportation for civilians, some as raiders; some as naval escorts and others as explorers and recoverers of relics and such. There is rarely a crew performing a role just the same as another.

Social Status

There are two, very distinct views on pirates: that of the Archani, and that of the Rovers. Due to the outlawing of the pirates, most of the archani see them that - outlaws. Especially in Blackbourne, a city with high criminality rates, pirates are seen as all the evil there is in the settlement. For the kingdom as a whole, pirates are a noisy, chaotic nuisance that thinks they have the right to a land they do not deserve.

In the eyes of the rovers, however, pirates are seen as some kind of role models. They are the ones who have kept the Hub Lands free, they are what their whole culture revolves around, and they are ones that started it all. They are heroes to the kids and the livelihood of the adults on land.


As the rovers are very freedom-driven people and are spread across the seas, it is hard to say how many of them there are, especially how many pirates are among them. But their numbers surely surpass half of the rovers, as they can be found all around the world.


The history of the pirates is heavily intertwined with that of the rovers, as both as nearly the same thing - the rovers who aren't on the seas, and on land providing safe haven to them. Still, for a long time, "pirates" weren't called that - they were just "rovers" instead. King Edric had a personal distaste for the rovers and their presence in Blackbourne, blaming them for the city's decline. He started labeling them pirates and spreading the word of their blame, and later it fell in King Abraham II's hands, Edric's son, to follow his fathers plans and break the pact struck by King Charles Maine with the rovers, prohibiting them from traversing archan seas.

Instead of fighting against the label, the pirates embraced it. During the War for the Hub Lands, Ol' Deepsea formed a resistance against Krenjor and named it the Pirate Order - a little ironic nudge at the fact they don't care for the blame on them. Since then, they have embraced the title of pirates.

Alternative Names
Rovers, Seamen, Seafarers, Seathugs
Archana: Illegal
Krenjor: Legal
Artalgne: Legal
Famous in the Field
Used By
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