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Archana's greatest port city, gateway to international trade


"The city that connects Archana to the world, where wealth and prosperity are made, where the streets are never silent and the shops are never closed (and also where the people cry and bleed, but of course They won't tell you THAT). The city where the show happens... Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Blackbourne!"
— Street Fox, Thief of Legend

Blackbourne is the main mercantile port city of the Kingdom of Archana, located to the far north of the Archan Heartland by the Blackbourne Bay. This is where a big part of the trades in the land happens, and where other good enter and leave the nation.


Censuses are always innacurate in Blackbourne. Census takers are often too afraid to enter the slums of the city, so they can only guess who lives there. Still, the majority of the citizens of Blackbourne are Humans, a few City Dwarves as shopkeepers and possibly a few more Exiled Dwarves in the slums. Elves are rare, but can be seen every once in a while.

The port area is more diverse, as people from all over the world come and go. Besides the common races to Archana, Giants from Krenjor are often seen too, and more rarely, Orcs.

Industry & Trade

Blackbourne is known as Archana's gateway to international trade, and as a result a little bit of everything can be found in there. More than anything, jewelry and weaponry made from Mithril and Adamantine, all produced by the Craftsmen Guild, are the majority of goods being sold to the exterior, as Archana is one of the few places in the world able to provide such materials in large scale.

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