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Edric Maine

The previous King of Archana, father of Abraham II

King Edric Maine


"My father was the greatest of his lineage. And in honor to his effort, I will take his place as the greatest ruler."
— Abraham II, King of Archana

Father of Abraham II, Edric Maine was the previous King of Archana, responsible for the merging of the Hub Lands and the continuity and expansion of the first social programs in the kingdom. He ruled from 429 to 467 AE, and it was a rather problematic reign if compared to previous kings and queens, as some of the current social and economic crisis were beginning to surface. Still, he is described as a just and calm ruler, who put his people first and foremost.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
406 AE 478 AE 72 years old
Current Residence
Nouvemond (grave)
Aligned Organization
Family & Relations
Abraham Maine II (son)
Beatrice Maine (daughter-in-law)
Robin Maine (granddaughter)
Maine Family (relatives)

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