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Maine Family

The royal family, descendants of the first King of Archana


"Our family has a duty to fullfill. We owe this Kingdom our very best. You don't get to do whatever you see fit, just because you 'feel like it', or because you 'think it's right'. 'Right' is what our ancestors taught us. You will obey, or face the consequences."
— Abraham II, King of Archana

Often referred to as the royal family, the Maines are descendents of the first King of Archana, Charles Maine. As it is expected, their history is closely intertwined with that of the Kingdom of Archana, since every generation of the family had one person wearing the Crown of the Forefather.


The political arrangement of its members heavily impacts the dynamic of the family. Due to the status of the current ruler, they can command any other member of the family, except for the elders - the previous rulers. These two don't have official authority over the others, but their wishes are often attended to for the respect they impose.

The children of the rulers, the princes and princesses, are the ones who face the power of their parents more often. They are trained since birth to become rulers themselves, which means their parents are always there, steering them towards this goal.

Public Agenda

Dedicated to providing the Kingdom with the best rulers they can, the Maines are all about the crown. While Archana is an elective monarchy, there hasn't been any winning candidate outside the Maines since the founding of the Kingdom, such is their dedication.


The Dawn Keep serves as a home to the Maines, but that is just the beginning to their wealth. As the rulers, they have access to all of Archana's resources: taxes, the military, religious, and trading organizations and everything in between. It is to no one's surprise that they are regarded as the most powerful family in Archana.


The Maines have once been a lower-middle-class family in Hrastgar. In the year of 296 AE, during the days that Arcanopia was under the rule of the Artalgnian Empire, the Maines met with a young and hardworking Amice, who convinces Charles to join her in a revolutionary movement for the independence of the land, 3 years later. It was only in 307 that they managed to reach that goal, and Charles assumed the role of the first King of the new Kingdom.

From that day on, the status of the Maines changed for good, from a common family to the royalty of Archana. They have since been dedicating themselves to that role, now with the 5th ruler from their lineage sitting on the throne.

Founding Date
Predates 200 AE
Political, Family
Alternative Names
(the) Maines; Royal Family
s. Maine; pl. Maines
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