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Amice and Charles form The Resistance

Life, Organisation Association


Channeling her feelings towards her desires, Amice brings Charles together to create a group to fight back their oppressors.

A few years after Amice moved to the Maines', she and Charles, her adoptive brother, were already really good friends. Since the day they told her what the Duke had done to her parents, Amice had been more aware of the situation of the nation, growing each day angrier towards the Empire. This anger became determination, and eventually she decided she had to do something about all this. It did take a while, but as she eventually gathered support from the people around Hrastgar, she convinced Charles to join her in her quest.   From a reunion between them and a few other sympathisers, The Resistance was born. Two division were also created: the Silent Blades, who would use the underground of Blackbourne to train to become assassins, as offered by their leader, Douglas Devin; and the Steel Wardens, who would be the shield of their operations, trained by Charles for his exceptional skill as a swordsman despite his age.   From this day on, Amice's powers would grow faster than it had before, as her determination to change the fate of her nation would fuel her magic, further cementing her role as a leader and inspirational character.

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