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A spreading corruption that kills and consumes all


"My mother... she died 6 years ago, as some of you may know - no one knows why, though. But she told me that she could see it in her dreams. The Whispering One marked her."
— Robin Maine, Princess of Archana

The Blightwoods are a looming threat for the Archani. It expands evermore, slowly, and there is no sign it will someday halt. Still, while the consumption of the entire Kingdom is a real nightmare in the minds of the people, it is indeed a long-term event. While trying to find a way to stop it, there is a much more daily concern: when the Blight goes beyond just the land and vegetation.


Transmission & Vectors

There are two ways to contract the Blight: exposing oneself to the Dark-type aether of the Woods, or having direct contact with The Whispering One. Which way it was contracted changes drastically the destiny of the patient.


The Blight is a magical withering of one's soul. As is the nature of Dark magic, it saps the aether of one's body, and as a consequence it crushes the will to live and functions of the body, eventually killing either mentally or physically, whichever falters first.


Which symptoms show first depends on which is the main weakness of the afflicted: mind or body; though both will eventually succumb.

The body begins to feel weak, tiring easily, which only gets worse with time. Balance and coordination become a harder task. Food does nothing to strengthen the body. Weight loss, breathlessness, and then various organs begin to fail, leading to death.

The mind is affected in a similar, decaying manner. Whispering voices can be heard in the distance. Nightmares with the Whispering One torment during the sleep. A lack of will to do things evolves into hopelessness. Consequent paranoia and depression may lead to suicide.


In case the affliction was caused by exposure to the Blightwoods, it can be healed through repose and treatment with Light magic - in time it will fade away and the patient's soul will be restored back to normal. If the Blight was contracted by contact with the Whispering One though, it cannot be healed or treated.


Through the touch of the Whispering One, the sickness somehow resists even through treatment. It is a death sentence. Either way, it normally lasts a few weeks, from 2 to 5 in the worst cases.


While the patient may go back to being a healthy person and live normally, once afflicted by the Blight the chances that it comes back stronger through later exposures gets higher every time. There is also a higher probability to develop naturally other psychological illnesses.

Affected Groups

Any living being is subject to contracting the Blight, no matter the age, health or species. Still, creatures of low magical affinity, such as plants and non-rational animals, can resist the infection for far shorter periods of time. Likewise, among rational species, children and the unhealthy also have a harder time resisting the Blight.


A strong soul and conviction go a long way to prevent the common variant of the Blight, and also does Light-based wardings. In theory, the same should be possible to protect oneself from the Whispering One's touch, but none have been able to resist it so far.


The Blight is not contagious. It can only be acquired from the source, and anyone who makes contact with an afflicted has no chance of being contaminated.


The first suggestion of the Blight as a magical disease began as the first person to survive the Woods returned with the symptoms, a century after its discovery. Two other cases like this occurred before King Charles Maine founded the Order of Tiamat's Knights to search for a way to cleanse the site.

The number of incursions to the Blightwoods increased much more after that. Adding this to the fact the Paladins were better suited to the task, the existence of the Whispering One was finally discovered, together with the uncurable variant of the Blight. Many have succumbed to the affliction since then, the most recent case being Queen Beatrice, who secretly participated of the incursions.

Cultural Reception

It is common knowledge that the Blight is not contagious from person to person, but the sight of a victim being slowly undone causes repulsion and fear enough for most the keep their distance. Among all the problems Archana is currently suffering, the Blight stands there, watching, a monument to remember all that there is no hope for the kingdom, even if they can sort out all their socioeconomic obstacles. This alone drains hope from the people, either taking away their will to fight for the future or bringing out the desperation to solve everything as soon as possible.

Excessive Dark-type aether
The Whispering One
Withering of the soul
Mental Symptoms
Physical Symptoms
Weight loss
Gross and fine motor disability
Organ failure
Light-type aether, healing magic
2-5 weeks of getting worse before death
Can be afflicted more easily the next time
Staying clear from hazardous areas
Not contagious

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