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Black River

The great blackwater river in Archana


"The Black River is an important asset to Archana, providing water to three of the Kingdom's largest settlements."
— Excerpt from Archana's History Books

The most important river in the Kingdom of Archana, it is also one of the greatest in their territory. It supplies the cities of Blackbourne, Hrastgar, and the capital, Nouvemond.

In the early days after the Realm Wars, the fall of Bashmu killed off the Orne River, but a small intermittent stream was left in its place. Its dark water earned it the name of Black Bourne. Through the next decades, new springs and streams were formed and civil constructions changed the course of existing ones, transforming the bourne into a full perennial river - the Black River.


The Black River cuts the Archan Heartland in the middle, from the southern Bashmu mountains all the way to the Blackbourne Bay. Its slow-running waters and the building of dams by beavers have caused the formation of small wetlands near the spring, which sediments contribute to the dark coloration of the water.

The river is very sinuous throughout its entirety. Nearing the city of Blackbourne, the Black River enters a small artificial cave system known as Devin's Retreat, where it travels under the city, before discharging in the Bay.

Fauna & Flora

As mentioned above, beavers inhabit the higher parts of the river, near Nouvemond. Trouts, salmons, carps, pikes and other fishes can be found alongside the entire river.

Natural Resources

Aside from the fish, there isn't much the Black River has to offer. Its dark, acidic water isn't drinkable, and needs to be treated before consumption, which the Archani do with the use of magic.

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