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Pact of the Oaklands

A pact of peace that united Hrastgar and Nouvemond


"As an act of good will and a symbol of peace and unity, both peoples will exchange their most precious belongings: Nouvemond will be gifted with Hrastgar's musicians and open a new branch of Baard's College, and Hrastgar will be gifted with Nouvemond's stone and craftsmen, so a monument to our dearest icons may be built."
— clause from the Pact of the Oaklands

With the death of the general behind the War of the Oaklands, Baard Nordrum, the hero who put her to the blade, stroke a treaty of peace between the warring sides and finally brought an end to this unjust conflict. The famous Circle of Heroes and the capital's branch of the Traveling Notes have been born from this pact.


The Pact of the Oaklands was a treaty of peace and union between the community of Hrastgar and the nation of Nouvemond. The war between the two lasted for 27 years plus another few decades of smaller conflicts, until it was revealed by Baard to be all a pretext to attack and conquer the hrastfolk. After bringing this to the public, Baard was given the opportunity to write the terms of peace, as he was the grandson of Hilde Nordrum (Hrastgar's previous leader) and it was him who ended the war.

Document Structure

Publication Status

After the signing, he original copy of the pact was kept in the Oaken Hall, and a duplicate was taken to the Dawn Keep in Nouvemond. When the Artalgnian Empire took over the nation of Nouvemond, the duplicate was destroyed by the enemy, but the original one in Hrastgar was hidden away and protected, and was put back into its place, on the wall behind the throne of the Oaken Hall, with the birth of the Kingdom of Archana.

Historical Details

Public Reaction

Due to the decades of conflict, at first most of both peoples were wary of one another, but Baard's efforts had come a long way in convincing both sides to try and become friends. While the first half-decade was a rather rocky start with all the cultural clash and distrust, after that period their relationship began to change for the better.


After the signing of the pact, Hrastgar became part of the nation of Nouvemond, although it remained with most of its autonomy. Since then, they have always remained as a single nation, even through the hardest of times. Hrastgar even earned its reputation among the most important cities of the kingdom, as the "city of heroes", due to the fact that they house the Circle of Heroes, and that these brave people have blessed Archana with many champions throughout History.

Treaty, Diplomatic
Authoring Date
May 3, 68 AE
Ratification Date
May 3, 68 AE
Signatories (Characters)
Signatories (Organizations)

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