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Musicians, storytellers, and jacks-of-all-trades


"We don't make our culture. People like me can only protect our homeland so it continues to exist. But the bards are the whole reason why we have come to exist."
— Wylde Arbjorn

Musicians and storytellers of the Kingdom of Archana, Bards are a famous group in the land, one of the main pillars of the culture of Hrastgar and followers of the ideals of Baard Nordrum, the Peacesinger, who founded the Traveling Notes college in which they learn the art.



A bard needs to be an able storyteller and entertainer, and there is a lot of studies involved in that. In the Traveling Notes college, a student learns about Archana's history in depth, so they can have the baggage to spread culture to the people. This is often accompanied by learning how to play one or several musical instruments, so the bard can both serve as an entertainer when needed, and also more easily hold the attention of the crowd to which the bard wants to spread stories.

Other important skills to have are the ones of an adventurer. A bard is supposed to be able to seek and create new stories, and for that, they need to be able to survive long journeys and seek dangers and legends. Skills such as fighting, survival techniques, hunting, resource management and the use of magic (including through the power of music), are essential skills to have and are also taught at the college.

Career Progression

The career of a bard depends a lot on how they manage it, as it is much more of a free-lance job. Once graduated, a bard is set free to conduct their career any way they want, be it telling stories for children, playing music in taverns, seeking lost treasures or searching for political intrigues.

Payment & Reimbursement

A bard's payment is guaranteed by the government. There is a minimum set pay, which will be given by the royalty in case the bard doesn't manage to make that by themself.

Other Benefits

Bards are highly regarded, especially by the Hrastfolk, showing to them a greater level of respect than to common folk, even if the particular bard doesn't have any personal fame. Taverns often rent bards a room to stay and eat at will, as long as they entertain the clients and attract more movement to the establishment.



Following the word of mouth culture of the hrastfolk, bards are the ones who keep their history and folklore alive, reviving the old songs and legends in the hearts of the people.

Social Status

Alongside the warriors of Hrastgar, bards are the most revered profession in their culture. While in the kingdom as a whole they are seen as common workers, in Hrastgar they are one of the most important pillars of the local culture.



Bards rarely carry anything other than one or two musical instruments and money. While in cities and towns, they can manage to get by entertaining people to get whatever else they need. There is also a basic adventuring pack that the ones who go out exploring and treasure hunting use.

Provided Services

Bard are jacks-of-all-trades. More often then not they lend their musical skills to soothe the minds of the weary and light up the hearts of the gloomy, but due to their training, they are able scouts, hunters, skirmishers, spies, retrievers, insiders, scholars, bounty hunters and more.

Dangers & Hazards

While the most famous role of a bard is to play in taverns and squares, only a few of them end up working exclusively in this safe manner. Most of them go out in adventures, and this means they are all susceptible to all the dangers this entails.

Elven bards

The vast majority of Wood Elves communities have bard due to their link with Wind magic. Sound is the vibration of air, and Elves discovered that one can use these vibrations in conjunction with magic to create new effects. These bards are much less specialized in the role than Archana's ones, as they are often trained in the same skills other common elves do, but also play music for their community.

With the annexing of the Springdrop Sanctuary to the kingdom, Archana's bards have begun to learn the art of music magic, but even today this is rarely practiced among them since it is a very difficult and specialized type of magic.

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