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Wardens' Week

A week for mourning in respect to the Wardens who died during the Battle of the Red Diamond


"Here we are, sisters and brothers, gathered for another year to mourn in gratitude for the sacrifices of our beloved Wardens, who gave their lives to guarantee the freedom and sovereignty of our people. As it is, may the great Mother Tiamat and our esteemed Heroes of Archana guide their souls in the afterlife, providing them the rest they deserve."
— excerpt from the prayer to the Wardens

In the Kingdom of Archana, oftentimes individuals rise above what is expected of them and become a "Hero". But during the Battle of the Red Diamond the entirety of the Steel Wardens demonstrated the true meaning of courage and loyalty. Steadfast against the siege from the Artalgnian Empire, each and all of them fought bravely until their dying breath, or the deserved victory. In their memory and honor, the Wardens' Week was created.


The Steel Wardens was an order of knights trained to defend the border of Archana. For 200 years they used their skills and tactics to successfully stop any outside forces from invading the kingdom, and the people praised them for it. In the year of 480 AE, the Artalgnian Empire struck once again, and this time harder than ever. Through a week of siege, the Wardens stood strong, but the force of the enemy was so overwhelming that this time the Wardens' numbers were dwindling much faster than usual. By the last moments of the siege, Artalgne had pierced through 3 of the 4 layers of Fort Edgemourn's Diamond Walls, and it was a sure fact they would enter Archana. Undaunted by their foes, the few remaining Wardens climbed down the walls to fight the Artalgnian army face-to-face with all their might, until the enemy retreated and the battle was won.

Even with reasons to celebrate that day, they did not. Most of their brothers were slain, turning the waters of the moats red with blood - and so they named it the Battle of the Red Diamond. The order was in shambles, now with only 5 surviving Wardens. This battle left a scar in Archana's soul, forever to be remembered. The week the siege lasted was marked in their calendar, and every year the Archani would remember the lives lost, the legacy they left behind, and pay their respects.


During the Wardens' Week, workers have an optional leave for the entire holiday, as a mourning ritual. Relatives of the deceased Wardens use this free time to visit the Warden Memorial in Edgemourn and pay respect to those who fought and died to protect their home. This event is often conducted with flowers, prayers, and tending to their loved ones' graves.

The Circle of Heroes in Hrastgar also receives numerous visits. The people come and pray to the Heroes, asking them to embrance and guide their loved ones through the Aether, so they could be free from a possible tortured afterlife.


As the Battle took place from the 13th to the 21st of July 480AE, it was set that the Wardens' Week would happen during the third week of July, from Sunday to Saturday, every year.

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