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Battle of the Red Diamond

Military action


After so many decades of failed sieges in an attempt to retake Archana, Artalgne's troops are overwhelmed by an impressive show of skill and strengh and finally go home for good.

During the siege of Edgemourn that year, Artalgne had the victory in its hands. After an exhaustive battle, the numbers on both side had dwindled considerably, but Archana was heavily outmatched as their invader had pushed past 3 of the 4 layers of the Diamond Walls. In a final attempt to bring hell to Artalgne's troops, the last few men left standing from the Steel Wardens were rallied by the timely arrival of King Abraham II, climbed down the walls and left the fort behind, entering the battlefield by themselves, lead by Ser Achard Lionhart.   Outnumbered manyfold, the last half dozen soldiers, heroes, fought in that battle for what seemed a lifetime, killing uncountable waves of troops. When the dust finally settled, the Artalgne commander found himself defeated - it didn't matter how many men he threw at them, Archana's strength was beyong imagination. As Artalgne retreated, Lionhart and the others climbed back the walls to watch their enemy finally leave, only to see that the blood of thousands of dead foes and friends alike tainted their moat red, a scene so shocking that it earned the name of the battle.   This battle won, it was the last time Artalgne was seen at Edgemourn's doorstep.

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While the legend of Ser Lionhart is true, it wasn't his bravery and skill that won the battle. The King had sneaked behind the enemy lines and struck a deal with Artalgne to offer them new magical technology, future results from the ADP, in return of a truce.

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