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Lionhart Family

A lineage of heroes


"Amice left a great legacy behind. Not only did she provide Archana the freedom it deserved, but also started a lineage that would carry her spirit through until this day."
— Excerpt from Archana's History Books

The Lionhart Family has a close relationship to Archana's crown and for years served it in a number of ways, such as heroes, counselors, military commanders, and elite guards. It was born during Archana's rebellion for independence against Artalgne, and since then they have taken part in every major event the kingdom was involved in.


There is no set hierarchy except for the regular parents-children relationships, as the Lionharts are but a family. The role each member fulfills depends solely on the individual's aptitudes, although they always aim for the higher standards to help the kingdom in the best ways they can.

Public Agenda

The Lionhart family strives to further Archana's welfare, no matter how. For such, and thanks to their long history together, they work closely to the King/Queen and the royal family. They are seen much like a "second royal family" of sorts, as they are heavily involved in everything the Maines do.


The main branch of the Lionharts own an estate in the capital, Nouvemond, which was granted to Lady Amice Lionhart after the liberation of Archana.


Lady Amice was at the forefront in the revolutionary movement to free Archana from Artalgne's grasp. In 307 AE after their victory, she abdicated the seat of Queen and instead preferred to live her life her own way. In recognition to her deeds, Charles Maine, her adoptive brother, one of her brothers-in-arms and assuming King, granted her knighthood, an estate, and the title of "Lionheart" which would later become the name of her family.

More recently, nearing the end of the Battle of the Red Diamond, Ser Achard Lionhart, a Steel Warden, stood with a few others against multiple waves of the enemy's troops, ensuring a costly victory for Archana. He was decorated a hero, but went missing a few years later, in 490 AE.

Officially, Archana is an elective monarchy, but the Maines have always offered the best candidates, rendering a voting pointless. But due to recent events, the Lionharts were encouraged to present their own cadidate, and are trying to get their yougest member, Zeke, on the game.

Founding Date
307 AE
Political, Family
Alternative Names
(the) Lionharts
s. Lionhart; pl. Lionharts
Parent Organization
Related Ethnicities
Related Myths

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