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Reaching for the Stars

Three idiots have sworn a pact: they will, all three, get into Yiselxà Academia any way possible. Problem? Outsiders have to do a lot to prove themselves. Either one of them creates a brand new alchemy formula, discovers a new plant (that's useful) and write a thesis on it, or somehow receives B-Rank accreditation from the Guild.   Yeah.   Klevi likes the idea of fighting to the top, showing that they are strong enough to be there! But accreditation of that level can take years if you aren't willing to fight in the wastelands. So, no.   Aduhi dreams of innovating a brand new method of alchemy that can use solar magic, bringing a whole industry to her homeland. Technically, if she succeeded in that she would definitely get in, and it would be so impressive her friends could come with her. She needs more theoretical basis in alchemy before she can even try though.   Which leaves Talle's plan: reach for the skies! Or rather, climb a harukoumu, despite the fact all of best ones are sacred grounds under heavy guard and over 400 meters tall, investigate the canopy forests, and find a brand new reagent to submit to the Academia council.   Well, alright then. This sounds like a good plan.




A human born in one of the Guild outposts, Klevi has always wanted to form a team like her parents did and explore the world. When she got old enough, Klevi went to the capital, Luchezu City, to find teammates. Klevi ended up finding Aduhi and Talle. At the point of the story, they've been friends for several years.


A birdkin born in the capital, Aduhi has always been fascinated by alchemy. Birdkin magic is incompatible with the techniques used in alchemy, but she's studied the theory as much as she could. Aduhi studied in Talle's home sometimes, leaving them as childhood friends.


Rabbitkin, Talle's family owns an alchemy supply shop. Their family has studied herbology for generations and moved here to Luchezu in order to research southern reagents. Talle has always liked her family's shop and the capital, but would like to study in the Academia instead of on her own.
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Short Story
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